Sexuality is a private yet highly important matter for most adults. And because sexuality affects virtually every aspect of human existence, Dr. Zgourides believes good sex is critical to good health and happiness.

Most people have an intuitive understanding of what human sexuality is. To many, sexuality is merely the pursuit of sexual pleasure, either alone or with a partner. To others, it is a biological function, a matter of gender and reproduction. And to others it is intimacy, a means of expressing love. If you ask ten people their definition of sexual­ity, you’ll probably receive at least ten different answers.

All civilizations have developed some means of conceptualizing sexuality and describ­ing sexual behaviors, although these are not always consistent with Western terminology and descriptions. The English term sexual derives from the Latin terms sexualis and sexus, each referring to a person’s reproductive anatomy-that is, whether a person is male or female. By the nineteenth century, the term sexuality also included behaviors involving the sex organs for the purpose of hearing children. In the last hundred years or so, sexual­ity, or sex, has come to refer not only to procreational activities (having children), but also to recreational (kissing) and relational ones (loving and being intimate).

With the advent of sophisticated research methods, our understanding of sexuality has grown considerably in recent decades. Many professionals now consider human sexuality to be an area of serious scientific study and inquiry. And given the availability of much new information, it is apparent that the scientific discipline of human sexuality, or sexology, is holistic and integrative, embodying many different perspectives. A holistic approach to sexuality accounts for the various biological, psychological, and social influ­ences that interact and shape an individual’s experience of sexuality.

Everyone is sexual from birth until death. Even though some choose to abstain from sexual relations, they are still sexual beings. Furthermore, humans are dynamic and constantly changing. The more life experiences you have, the more your attitudes about sexuality change. Your views of human sexuality have probably changed dramatically in the last five years, and perhaps even in the last year.

Although each person’s experience of sexuality is unique, there are many common pat­terns and trends in human beings’ collective experience of sexuality. The ability to inter­pret and understand these patterns and trends gives you a more in-depth understanding of others’ sexuality, as well as your own.

Dr. Zgourides treats as well as offers confidential and personalized information and consultation for:

  • Sexual Health and Medicine
  • Sexual Performance Disorders
  • Sexual Relationship Problems
  • Sexual and Pornography Addiction
  • Gender and Orientation
  • Lifestyle Counseling and Education
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Sexuality

Finally, Dr. Zgourides handles sexual medicine appointments like all other doctor appointments. Unlike certain well-promoted practices today, you will not be pressured into purchasing “programs,” “packages,” or multiple months of “special compounded medications.” For example, if a prescription is required, you will be encouraged to explore all options and choose the best pharmacy or equipment supplier given your specific needs.