Individual and Relationship Counseling

Without a doubt, the most effective method for improving happiness in life is to reframe your thoughts, manage your emotions, and change your behaviors using Cognitive Emotive Behavior Therapy (CEBT). Stated another way, CEBT is concerned with the roles that irrational thoughts, emotions, and behaviors play in your everyday problems.

Contrary to some other models of therapy and counseling, CEBT strongly emphasizes the present. It helps you figure out what you can do now to overcome your troubles. This means CEBT is all about solving today’s problems rather than reexamining past events. In fact, much of what you do in CEBT is work on your current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

In CEBT it isn’t the situation that directly influences how you feel or react. Instead, it’s your perceptions and interpretations of the situation that make the difference. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and your best friend passes by. He doesn’t look in your direction. You can either: 1) worry your friend is mad at you, or 2) assume your friend is preoccupied and didn’t notice you. In the first case you automatically assume the worst, which is irrational. In the second case you draw conclusions based on verifiable information, which is rational. That is, you don’t have evidence your friend is mad, but you do have evidence your friend didn’t see you. To draw any other conclusions will only bring grief.

Dr. Zgourides, as a trained clinical psychologist with many years of experience in the mental health field, is a strong proponent of individual, relationship, and group counseling to bring about positive changes in life.