Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss

Most people associate working out with weight loss and focus on that as their primary goal. True, most Americans need to lose weight. But more important goals should be to improve health, prevent disease, and feel better. Some of us are genetically more likely to develop heart conditions and diabetes, but healthy eating and daily exercising improve the odds we will enjoy a long life.

When we are out of balance and fail to eat correctly or exercise our bodies, we can develop preventable disorders. Numerous cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are, in effect, “diseases of choice.” By failing to do what is necessary for good health, we inadvertently choose sickness. Yes, many diseases have a genetic component or viral cause. But our lifestyle can also do much to bring about or prevent a multitude of problems.

Dr. Zgourides, after exhaustive reviews of the medical literature and personal experience, believes in a primarily organic, plant-based diet for optimum wellness for most people. He offers a medically supervised weight loss program for those patients who are motivated to become healthier and happier, but who are not concerned with obsessively focusing on numbers on a scale.